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  1. [Other] Mafia Bug Reports Forum Specific Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING -
  2. {Unsolved} 'Max Count' broken
  3. [Graphics] Hat Texture / Names over heads
  4. {Unsolved} Game Freezes in Transitions
  5. [Mechanics] disguiser vs executioner not turn a jester
  6. [Mechanics] Witch controls nothing
  7. [Mechanics] No night text when attacking NI role
  8. {Unsolved} 2 citizen vs 1 auditor + 1 auditor/scumbag = witch wins (after 17 days)
  9. [Other] Interference from SC2 Soundtrack Music
  10. {Unsolved} Mayor given the crime Desruction or property? WHAT?
  11. [Mechanics] no cowards clutch achievment even though beguiler killed
  12. [Mechanics] Lookout's target showing was false
  13. [Graphics] Chat box moved to the wrong place (this probably can't be fixed)
  14. [Text] Minor text errors
  15. [Roles] Judge can reveal on day 1 with no lynch
  16. [Text] Too long lwes cant be seen
  17. [Mechanics] some of the settings are bugged
  18. [Other] It's that bug again!
  19. [Mechanics] Jailor problem
  20. [Other] Bugged Night Sequence - Was stuck on night 5 for a Good 5 Minutes
  21. [Other] SC2 Mafia has a lot of extra bank files
  22. [Other] Didn't get the achievement that I was suppose to get
  23. [Mechanics] Epic Fail achievement has not worked in a long time?
  24. [Other] As SHERIFF, I detected SK on n1, when SHERIFF detects SK was OFF
  25. [Other] I was lookout - watched 15. A sheriff checked 15 and saw SK. But I didn't see him visit
  26. [Mechanics] Arsonist dousing instead of burning.
  27. [Other] the game froze (new avatars)
  28. [Mechanics] MM visits 1, BG visits 12, no Witch or Bus driver in the game, Bg dies to MM
  29. [Mechanics] Infested Mode: Game Froze Day 3, Called to Trial.
  30. [Mechanics] Witch gets victory screen when no witch was ever in game.
  31. [Mechanics] MM visit house an no one is killed
  32. {Not a Bug} Game Freeze Bug
  33. [Mechanics] Witch doctor does not convert on death?